My life is made of lists and little papers that i keep on my bag in the hopes that one day I’ll use them to write something, or do something.

At least I normally use them to go somewhere.

Every time I find something interesting I write them, the biggest problem is that even though I ave a 1,5 million notebooks, around the house, in several bags, in the car, I always write it in a random piece of paper, that I hope I’ll later on transpose to either here or one of those millions of notebooks.

With this I’m probably trying to explain myself again about my incapacity to keep a schedule here, I’ll make no promises, but I feel the need to trying to keep a fixed schedule, using it to achieve my goal of sharing my travelling stories.


From January until now

And I just noticed that I haven’t wrote here since January, it seems that I’ve been only on Instagram.

Last couple of months, I managed to make a few unplanned trips,and to completely change my 2015 travel plans.

So first of all, I came back to travel in my own country and went to Porto for a weekend getaway, and then, last month, I went back to London once again, I can just say that I’m completely in love with it, I always thought that it wouldn’t be my kind of city, but since the first time that I’ve been there I want to come back, some times I even think about moving to London, that’s how much I love it.

I’m back home with my 9 to 5 job and counting the days for my next trip, I’ll try to keep you posted with it, and write a little about the wandering that I already made. That being said, I can make sure, that at least on Instagram I’m posting almost on a daily base, so even if  I don’t write about it, I’m definitely posting pics about it.DSC_0525


Social Media – snapchat

I often “make fun” of my dad for being an “old” guy that try to be update in everything tech.

And now I start to feel a little bit like him, I just figured that between my group of friends I’m probably the only one that has accounts in most of the social media, in some of them more than one account, I even have an alias that I use in most of them.

That being said, I just created a Snapchat account (WandererWannabe) and I’m now trying to understand how the hell it works.

Any advice?

Bucket list

I’m just another one of these weird people that would love to live traveling.

My ultimate goal it’s to live on the road, to have no definitive home.

Unfortunately I also know myself, and I have a awful bad relationship with my capacity of procrastinating, and being my own boss.

So for now, I’m just keeping my 9 to 5 job, while fighting myself, traveling every time I can, trying to grown on the virtual jobs field, and finally putting this blog to use.

So let’s try it again in 2015…


One of my biggest problems, if not the biggest one, it’s my amazing ability to procrastinate.

All of my blogs were created with the ultimate goal of keeping a steady writing pattern, or at least a steady publishing calendar.

I could probably give an enormous amount of excuses from not having the time, to having to much work, or even some kind of writers block.

However, I just keep on procrastinating (this is one of my favorite words, and my biggest flaw).

The result is not writing enough, and keeping the thousands of ideas in my head.

I spent the last couple of years, creating goals to the next year, that normally included some kind of writing, it never, ever worked.

I think I’ll try again in 2015. Any ideas that could help me?