Albert Einstein


2 thoughts on “Albert Einstein

  1. This reminds me of an article I read in a photography magazine. The lady said how she found again her primary school reviews and how the teacher mentioned that she was doing so well in maths but that she was not very creative in her arts class. The author mentioned that based on this she always thought that she was not artistic, went to engineering school and did well, still always thinking that she was simply not a creative mind… until she tried photography and realized she is not so inartistic as her teacher told her.

  2. Yeah, we are mostly crafted by what the society, friends, family tell us, it’s a human thing
    To go against what we were always told is very difficult.
    If we spent all our life being told that we’re not good at something, how will we discover it?
    We should just do what we love, and just feel accomplished by that.
    (Yes, I’m also someone that was “never creative”, and even worst, I was born in an very artistic family, and I’m always trying to fight it)

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