It’s easy to be happy

When you go to Amsterdam you’ll have the opportunity to spend your days on the red light district, going trough all the coffee shops, spend some time in all of the museums that exist in that city or simply loose yourself in a city that has an amazing soul, in my humble opinion you must use them all.
On the day that I took this picture I had decided that it would be a cultural day, bearing in mind that I’m a history graduate I had to spend some time studying the history of this city, but since I don’t consider myself as a “normal person” instead of going to the Anne Frank house I decided to send some time walking around on the Jewish quarter and going to the Portuguese sinagoge and the Jewish museum.
The hours that I spent immersed in history remind me of the evil that exist in mankind and left me with no hope.

After I left the museum I could only walk around while thinking about all that was shown to me, the bad and the worst, but after a couple of hours I found myself entering one of the mains squares in Amsterdam and I faced something that was able to change my mood.
A street artist, one of those that are only doing soap bubbles, with something so simple he was surrounded by kids that where trying to catch the bubbles and that where laughing as if they where doing the most amazing thing.
More than than all the surrounding adults where smiling and most probably dying to join them. I know that even today, two years after I still envy their ability of being happy with so little.tumblr_mfasw2Grdi1rjurono1_500 tumblr_mc9gerbTla1rjurono1_500 tumblr_mcb3klfr8f1rjurono1_400 tumblr_mcb4upzIYZ1rjurono1_500 tumblr_mcb51qIu0l1rjurono1_500 tumblr_mdwphztx261rjurono1_500 tumblr_mdwqxbM1bM1rjurono1_500


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