Religious or not so religious?

Even if I try to live without preconceptions, we all have them, I imagine that it’s something human, in which we always create this ideas about people and places.

When I told some of my friends ad colleagues that I was going to Israel for a couple of days, I had mostly to reactions:

1st – “Oh my God!!1 Are you crazy? You’re going alone? Isn’t dangerous?”

2nd – “Oh my God!!! Are you crazy?  You’ll have to use a burka?”

I still don’t know what kind of face I’ve done to this reactions but was mostly saying something on the line of : “Are you fucking serious??!!”

Even if I didn’t had any of these ideas, since I was sure that I could basically walk around with most of  my skin being showed, or use a bikini, and that going there alone was the same as going to any of the other places that I went alone already,  I found myself a little amazed with the amount of “sex” that I saw there.

I went there with the idea that even if it is a modern and mostly occidental country, it still is a religious country, and even after being told that the Tel Aviv Pride is one of biggest in the world, I wasn’t expecting to see all the images that could bring your mind to the “gay live” and to sex, something that I wasn’t expecting to see in a supposedly religious country.

I saw it just in Tel Aviv, so I imagine that there are other cities in the country that are less open, or I just have millions of misconceptions  about a country that is more than the his history and religion.

israel76 israel77 israel30 israel29 israel53 israel12


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