One of my biggest problems, if not the biggest one, it’s my amazing ability to procrastinate.

All of my blogs were created with the ultimate goal of keeping a steady writing pattern, or at least a steady publishing calendar.

I could probably give an enormous amount of excuses from not having the time, to having to much work, or even some kind of writers block.

However, I just keep on procrastinating (this is one of my favorite words, and my biggest flaw).

The result is not writing enough, and keeping the thousands of ideas in my head.

I spent the last couple of years, creating goals to the next year, that normally included some kind of writing, it never, ever worked.

I think I’ll try again in 2015. Any ideas that could help me?


3 thoughts on “Procrastinating

  1. When I was a student which was the best time for procrastination to strike strangely enough I got most of my work done on my 2 hour train journeys or while being a night owl up from 12am-6am. Im not suggesting you change your complete lifestyle but I think my success was due to being detached from social media activity and the internet as a constant distraction. Its far to easy to be lost for 20 minutes each time I here ‘Ping’ but turn them off and I began to focus. Hope this helps 🙂

    P.s if you are looking for bucket list things I have quite the growing list on my blog!

      • I know the mind block it’s grows thicker depending on the importance of the work! But I’ve learnt to remove the normal structure when I begin writing and just get down how ever my mind works ; often bullet points that end up gaining depth as once a word is written down it may trigger another.
        Not sure if any of this makes sense or helps but the important part I learnt was start with something, anything at all and it might evolve.

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