From January until now

And I just noticed that I haven’t wrote here since January, it seems that I’ve been only on Instagram.

Last couple of months, I managed to make a few unplanned trips,and to completely change my 2015 travel plans.

So first of all, I came back to travel in my own country and went to Porto for a weekend getaway, and then, last month, I went back to London once again, I can just say that I’m completely in love with it, I always thought that it wouldn’t be my kind of city, but since the first time that I’ve been there I want to come back, some times I even think about moving to London, that’s how much I love it.

I’m back home with my 9 to 5 job and counting the days for my next trip, I’ll try to keep you posted with it, and write a little about the wandering that I already made. That being said, I can make sure, that at least on Instagram I’m posting almost on a daily base, so even if  I don’t write about it, I’m definitely posting pics about it.DSC_0525



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